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Executive Coaching

With 20 years’ experience in organisational management across different industries around the globe, we are unique in our multi-disciplinary approach and well known for our excellent communication and organisational skills.  We have a proven track record of improving productivity through coaching.

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Logical thinking is a critical part of our process. We make it our business to notice seemingly irrelevant things.  As critical thinkers we naturally pay attention to detail, allowing you to focus on earning fees.

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Innovative and Sustainable

There’s no alternative to sustainable development.  Forward thinking companies who value their staff and invest in keeping the business sustainable, will deliver immediate financial benefits.  Our research shows that having sustainability at the forefront of the company's agenda creates innovative thinking.  This approach has a positive and direct impact on internal and external communication, attracting new business and helping to retain talent.  

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We have experienced bilingual consultants (French and Spanish) who can help you with your existing European business communications and pave the way for expansion into Europe.  Or, simply offer language learning as a perk to the job!

About us

Elise Consulting is a unique business development and coaching consultancy, with 20 years’ experience providing practical and tailored advice to help growing businesses meet their expansion needs.  We have a straight forward ‘step approach’ which looks at your mission, analyses your market and competition, understands current processes and structure, assesses your needs and works with you towards an agreed scope and improvements to make your business more efficient and profitable.

We also provide Executive Coaching to help your team to reach their potential, and your company to achieve it’s goals.  Your growth will be sustainable.

Our Community

Organisations need to become more responsive to shifting societal expectations, better able to establish trusting relationships with stakeholders, and be open and accountable.  Invest your time with your profession and the bigger picture, let us take care of the small stuff.

How we work

We can work in a way that suits your needs. One of our experienced consultants can come to your offices for as long as you need us (e.g. half a day a week, 2 days a week, 2 days a month) or on an ad hoc basis. We are also in a position to work remotely once we have a good understanding of your business culture, drive and passion. We will invoice you monthly, and can discuss a fixed fee, daily or hourly rates.

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